Arroyo Grande, CA


This letter is to recommend Frank Montesinos, Artek to any and all persons thinking of hiring an architect. In addition to designing the most beautiful home we could possibly image (located at 1030 Coffee Lane, Arroyo Grande).  We received way more than just the plans.

Frank came out to the land, walked around and helped us decide the best possible place to build our dream home.  But he wasn't finished yet. As construction was in progress, Frank was there every step of the way, assisting with communication with the contractor and subs. He assisted with the surveyor and engineers and all service providers.

Frank did not cost us anything in the long run, he saved us thousands of dollars during the construction and we avoided countless errors by having him on our team. We highly recommend Frank, do yourself a favor hire the best.


Ken and Linda Osty


I had the good fortune of working with Mr. Frank Montesinos as my architect when I decided to build my ocean-view “dream home” in San Clemente.  What I liked about him was his willingness to work with me in every detail of the plan, his passion for his work, some of his brilliant ideas in his efforts to accommodate my every wish and being a Spaniard, his Mediterranean touches (curves, arches, columns, balusters) which made my home look even better than what I dreamt of.  He did not want to “sell” me his vision of what the house should look like, but took my concepts and made them even better. We had numerous interactions and iterations through faxes, e-mails and meetings and he always made the time for me.  When he could not do something I wanted he provided me with a reasonable alternative.  Everyone who has visited my house loved it.  I was so happy with this home that I worked with Frank on developing the plans for another house in Laguna Beach, which is equally impressive, but it has not been built yet.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Frank to anyone who is looking for an architect.

Basab Dasgupta


To Whom It May Concern:

I have the pleasure of personally working with Artek Group for almost 10 years. The company, and his Principal, Frank Montesinos, have design and represent our church La Luz Del Mundo in various projects throughout these years.

My point of view as a client, is that Frank Montesinos has always managed our projects in a “client first basis”. And we have found in him a great advisor and a representative who has fought for us against all adversities we have encounter as a religious organization in some cities.

As a professional designer, I have always found their work to be efficient, professional and of the highest quality. With his vast experience, he has delivered all the solutions to any issue we had during construction in a practical and the most economical way without affecting the soul of the building design. 

 I have no hesitation in recommending Frank Montesinos and Artek Group for any architectural project. Because is my belief that this company will always be a great asset for any project.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact me at oscar@trilakeconsultants.com or at (951) 218-1727.

Oscar Olmedo


"Frank is  fantastic artist--architect.  He is so good to work with you, to design something above and beyond your expectations.  We were so blessed to have him design our home."

Norma Jean Erenius